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Complete the Tal'darim Missions in the Legacy of the Void campaign.
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us master 2 2094protoss Alarak [Blacer] Ako490580% 4-10sc2replaystats
us master 3 4730terran Alarak [Blacer] Ako450052%12-11151sc2replaystats
us diamond 1 7646protoss Alarak [MnM] MnMpotatoZ432452%96-891294sc2replaystats
us diamond 2 15203terran Alarak [PRCSCK] Price396054%21-18549sc2replaystats
us diamond 3 16515terran Alarak [MUii] KazElHeart391560%9-6232sc2replaystats
us diamond 3 17193random Alarak [PRCSCK] Price389450%1-196sc2replaystats
kr gold 2 22164terran Alarak HeaveN332980%4-10
us platinum 1 28518random Alarak [MnM] MnMpotatoZ4131100%1-00sc2replaystats
us platinum 1 34644zerg Alarak [FFVI] ScarletAerie351150%7-7231sc2replaystats
us platinum 2 37321protoss Alarak [MUii] KazElHeart345173%8-3204sc2replaystats
kr bronze 2 38974zerg Alarak 애자고수298460%3-20
us platinum 3 42494zerg Alarak [MUii] KazElHeart334967%4-2158sc2replaystats
us gold 2 52500zerg Alarak [Oob] ActionWords340250%7-7247
us gold 1 53959terran Alarak [FFVI] ScarletAerie324133%1-240sc2replaystats
us bronze 1 98792zerg Alarak Tamarizz27870%0-50