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Server RankRacePortraitPlayerMMRWin%MatchesPointsAligulacReplaysStreamInformation
us master 1 2101protoss Spawning Pool Party maynard617150% 1-148Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 2622zerg Hall [SIoth] McMonroe ([UTexa] Timorus)5985100% 4-0144Σsc2replaystatstwitchKR GM Zerg ~ Try hard practice for Cheeseadelphia 7
us master 1 2813terran Kachinsky [SttE] HanJaeJoon592882% 18-4638sc2replaystats
us master 1 3514terran Lockwell [ROOT] puCK575925% 1-30Σsc2replaystatstwitchI believe in a thing called Zerg
us master 1 3595terran Kachinsky IIIIIIIIIIII574650% 1-148sc2replaystats
us master 1 3686zerg Serral Artitek ([YTri] AnTiTecH)57280% 0-10sc2replaystats by Kyo and SC2Legacy
us master 1 3777terran [Ohm2] WalmartWiFi571780% 4-1140sc2replaystats
us master 1 3828protoss Kachinsky Torsten570833% 1-246sc2replaystats
us master 1 3859terran Scythe570536% 4-7192Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 44410terran Narud (Xel’Naga) PureLegacy561175% 6-2240Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 44511terran Crusader Marine [SIoth] xKawaiian (Bambicue)561136% 4-7144Σsc2replaystatstwitchxkawaiBOOTY
us master 1 46212protoss Kachinsky llllllllllll558958% 25-181014sc2replaystats
us master 1 49213zerg roarbot555254% 92-781843Σsc2replaystats
us master 1 49714protoss Thatcher [Hasfan] TATP554951% 29-28933sc2replaystats
us master 1 50115terran Abathur [Rise] Kozan554463% 19-11748Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 51116zerg Kachinsky [LighTe] KawaiiRice552858% 111-801823sc2replaystats
us master 1 51417protoss Thatcher [Rise] TurkeyDano (Nephran)552761% 20-13752Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 51618zerg [LSPs] BrEnDaN (Metroid)552560% 3-290Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 55319zerg 2016 KR S2 Championship [Serend] GhostShadow548755% 74-61856Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 55420zerg Kachinsky [MariaL] TriHardcX548667% 6-3232sc2replaystats
us master 1 59321protoss SCret Admirer [AIlin] Nycro (GimmickCity)545657% 17-13712Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 59822zerg StarCraft Master Cammelot545367% 2-148sc2replaystats
us master 1 60023protoss [IDFI] Pezz (DIVINEpezz)545054% 29-251066Σsc2replaystatstwitch(AUS)
us master 1 61124protoss Kachinsky [Rise] Semper544159% 58-411647Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 62525terran Ghost [Rise] Kozan (IIIIIIIIIIII)542733% 9-18394Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 65526zerg roarbot (wetlab)540855% 113-941473Σsc2replaystats
us master 1 67527terran Kachinsky Gagacontent ([NyanEC] MarineKing)539557% 4-3134sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 68428protoss Snute [OSCE] DemiLove53910% 0-10Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 68829terran [CXMP] Goomba (ByunJovi)538967% 4-2136sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 69530terran Zeit (KarlVera)538550% 1-148sc2replaystats
us master 1 69831zerg Cartoon Zagara [BxC] JeeKinG53820% 0-10sc2replaystats
us master 1 73732terran Kachinsky avilo (evilo)534529% 2-572Σsc2replaystatstwitchaviDoge
us master 1 74033zerg Kachinsky IIlIIIIlIII534358% 86-63797sc2replaystats
us master 1 76334terran Kachinsky Yggdrasil (IIIIIIIIIIII)532551% 21-20739sc2replaystats
us master 1 79935terran Berserkforce531246% 17-20692sc2replaystats
us master 1 81536random [DhZCom] DakkoN530575% 55-18400sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 82037terran [PsiX] Psych ([OOWEEE] Jinro)530243% 9-12348Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 82738protoss Kachinsky Thetawaves530056% 139-1101200sc2replaystats
us master 1 87639zerg Kachinsky FuzzTheGreat (IIIIIIIIIIII)527456% 85-681378sc2replaystats
us master 1 90740zerg [naHTT] GhostHell5263100% 3-088sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 93241zerg Cartoon Tassadar [PsiX] Chris524558% 61-44682sc2replaystats
us master 1 94542zerg Wizard Templar [baddii] UjiTime523976% 13-4416sc2replaystats
us master 1 99743zerg Adjutant [nG] DieZaCRo521551% 36-34505Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 101944zerg Kachinsky Light520857% 17-13642sc2replaystats
us master 1 104845zerg [Gainss] Kingsbane519789% 8-1306sc2replaystats
us master 1 107546zerg Nation Wars Netherlands [AIlin] Rhizer518636% 4-7160sc2replaystats
us master 1 108947terran [SttE] Puppypaws518253% 105-92991sc2replaystats
us master 1 112048zerg [PolyG] Risk516853% 152-1331379Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 114949zerg Thatcher [NwAs] MiguelitoPro51610% 0-10sc2replaystats
us master 1 116850terran 4th Anniversary Zerg Pyre515156% 81-631465sc2replaystats
us master 1 117651zerg [Walnut] Yoonmi514858% 123-892091sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 121552zerg Carbot Zergling Days513346% 59-701183sc2replaystats
us master 1 123253terran [xCFx] Moja5125100% 1-00Σsc2replaystats
us master 1 127454terran [TM] NguyenSanity511156% 81-631923sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 129555zerg DerkhY (lIlIlIlIlIIl)51050% 0-10sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 130256zerg Overlord of Terror [aW] MoOkaShade (Magikagus)510347% 9-10328Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 132757zerg [BDGT] WagonMafia5096100% 1-00sc2replaystats
us master 1 134058terran RoRrO ([IxG] RoRrOgØd)509246% 31-37974Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 134559zerg kashmir509050% 65-651229sc2replaystats
us master 1 135860terran Kachinsky Archer508789% 8-1206sc2replaystats
us master 1 138461protoss Panda Marine Nostalgia ([AIlin] NeXa)50780% 0-10Σsc2replaystats
us master 1 143562terran Infested PanTerran yey5063100% 1-00sc2replaystats
us master 1 145063protoss Thatcher TossGoodRace505772% 58-23974
us master 1 146064zerg [FAlTH] RektByFaith505352% 59-54794sc2replaystats
us master 1 148065terran Snake Elite Marine [인투더] IntoTheLyn (KaKarU)504850% 5-5150sc2replaystats
us master 1 148466protoss Kachinsky [BHANG] Lancel504755% 56-451323sc2replaystats
us master 1 152967zerg Ornatus [GØSU] DeadSaint503655% 97-78946sc2replaystats
us master 1 153768random Alarak Barcode50350% 0-10sc2replaystats
us master 1 156969zerg Kachinsky Revy5026100% 2-040sc2replaystats
us master 1 158370zerg Ornatus AcerLaringe502412% 1-746sc2replaystats
us master 1 161871zerg Tenda501653% 160-1401440sc2replaystats
us master 1 164472terran Carbot Marine [PsiX] Slayer50110% 0-40sc2replaystats
us master 1 168073random Erised (revenge)500462% 8-5250Σsc2replaystats
us master 1 169674terran Kachinsky IIIIIIIIIIII500220% 1-416sc2replaystats
us master 1 172475terran [SttE] wam499656% 102-81995sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 174876random Tychus Findlay Winter499025% 1-342sc2replaystats
us master 1 175877zerg Carnage498753% 81-711127sc2replaystats
us master 1 178178protoss Carbot Marine ZeroChance497960% 233-1561991sc2replaystats
us master 1 181379zerg Cade BWNER497057% 39-29773sc2replaystats
us master 1 182180random Kachinsky [BHANG] Lancel496857% 8-6227sc2replaystats
us master 1 186381protoss Promathos49580% 0-30sc2replaystats
us master 1 187182protoss Adjutant [AEUG] tyapulin495555% 152-1231915sc2replaystats
us master 1 187783protoss TeSPA Collegiate Series Minks495451% 27-26513sc2replaystats
us master 1 200484zerg Cade [xNtG] Jamary491751% 41-401077sc2replaystats
us master 1 203785protoss [ECV] YenFu ([UC0NN] Hjax)490936% 4-7100Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 212886protoss Ghost Lvl. 21 SaviOr488740% 19-29580sc2replaystats
us master 1 212987zerg SCret Admirer [SXTeam] QianQian488746% 16-19523sc2replaystats
us master 1 221888protoss Serral Tambi486653% 90-791597Σsc2replaystats
us master 1 224789terran Kachinsky [lCGl] ShimOon ([lovavi] NaShimOon)486126% 9-25346Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 267790protoss [BFFFFF] Wonkman478733%16-32468sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 288891terran Spawning Pool Party simtom475546%12-14350sc2replaystats
us master 1 302092zerg [OIGE] VIPER473449%260-2671804sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 323793zerg Joe470248%70-75658sc2replaystats
us master 1 341694zerg 6th Anniversary [PsiX] CalmFMM468152%222-2061781sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 381095protoss Kachinsky Gosudark463438%20-32547sc2replaystats