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Server RankRacePortraitPlayerMMRWin%MatchesPointsAligulacReplaysStreamInformation
us master 1 2141zerg Kachinsky [SIoth] Bioice (Zulrah)621685% 17-3743Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 2302terran BaseTradeTV [cult] CrucialNug6091100% 1-00Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 2343terran Kachinsky Jarppi ([DuSt] Jens)605780% 24-6750Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 2374terran Widow Mine Lvl. 11 [cult] CrucialNug (Voyager)6030100% 3-084Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 2485protoss [PSISTM] Lucky (elfi)598262% 5-3232Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 2536zerg [I0C] Winckel594067% 8-4330Σsc2replaystats
us master 1 2547terran 4th Anniversary Terran [EG] Xenocider59350% 0-20Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 2648terran Kachinsky rAndOm589572% 28-11592sc2replaystats
us master 1 2839protoss Jim Raynor Suit [VlRGlN] tEhbAtZ581881% 13-3408sc2replaystats
us master 1 32410terran Carbot Marine [WW2EU] ChillerView571150% 1-10sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 34311zerg Medic [TbSYF] MightyKiwi566850% 8-8324Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 34812terran Star Party [RBpro] Lillekanin564956% 5-4186Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 35313terran [isIMBA] TheFlash ([EzPzs] EzPzLemonSqz)5638100% 1-00Σsc2replaystatsproxy 4 rax
us master 1 38714zerg Geek Raynor Artitek (COBRA)55750% 0-30sc2replaystats by Kyo and SC2Legacy
us master 1 38815zerg Kachinsky RVP557267% 4-2140sc2replaystats
us master 1 38916terran Kachinsky [AIlin] Gagrush (llllllllllll)557167% 4-2142Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 39217zerg Ultralisk [mCon] Fmtc (KalmeCavia)556750% 1-148Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 40018zerg Carbot Zergling Crayon555365% 13-7500Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 40619terran [AIlin] Gagrush (funeraL)554360% 6-4232Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 42020terran Kachinsky setaGeulB (IIIIIIIIIIII)552250% 5-5184Σsc2replaystats
us master 1 42421zerg Marine Vaisravana551771% 20-8746sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 43422terran Acoustic550467% 4-2142sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 48523protoss Kachinsky [DuSt] ZeNa ([DuSt] llllllllllll)5437100% 1-00Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 53124zerg [I0C] ApeX (Abyss)539250% 2-248Σsc2replaystats
us master 1 53525terran Terran Gosu Trophy BomberFan (SanrenSei)53910% 0-10sc2replaystats
us master 1 54426terran [CXMP] Zurgery5383100% 1-00sc2replaystats
us master 1 57127zerg Kachinsky [nG] ZenedoR ([nG] ZenedøR)535951% 69-651097Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 61028terran Carbot Zealot [SttE] Tune533451% 31-30569sc2replaystats
us master 1 63529zerg Tracer [KMT] MoneyPrime532460% 31-21368sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 67330zerg Kachinsky [FG] WhosJohnGalt (llllllllllll)530278% 121-351344Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 69931zerg Kachinsky IIIIIIIIIIII52880% 0-20
us master 1 70032protoss Protoss Lvl. 50 [NewAls] Edward528653% 39-34641sc2replaystats
us master 1 70733zerg [Lowko] DroneRush528562% 66-41693sc2replaystats
us master 1 72434terran Stalker Lvl. 5 [PRDETR] JirenXI527693% 41-3221sc2replaystats
us master 1 72935terran Nova llIIllIIII526973% 11-4388sc2replaystats
us master 1 73236terran [EXEED] Diord (GuMiho)526643% 3-4108Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 74237random Queen of Blades Desired/Damaged (llllllllllll)526062% 58-35288sc2replaystats
us master 1 74338protoss Ladder 조호현 (JoHoHyeon)526064% 9-5260sc2replaystats
us master 1 75739protoss IntoTheBest525064% 32-18350sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 75840zerg Kerrigan Lvl. 29 llllllllllll525067% 49-24272sc2replaystats
us master 1 77241protoss Kachinsky [IMCUCK] Doncroft524195% 42-2620sc2replaystats
us master 1 77342zerg Overseer hOlypUppEt524183% 35-7368sc2replaystats
us master 1 78143protoss Adept Lvl. 45 [Ris3n] Hermioneee523759% 51-361265sc2replaystats
us master 1 78344zerg Blackwidow523763% 50-29416sc2replaystats
us master 1 78745protoss Tempest Lvl. 21 [AIlin] Manipulation523562% 53-331271Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 80446zerg Kachinsky [NxV] llllllllllll522859% 154-1051153sc2replaystats
us master 1 80847protoss D.Va [xNtG] Aeon522687% 48-71002sc2replaystats
us master 1 81848zerg Archon [OIGE] MegaXyloN522364% 21-12564sc2replaystats
us master 1 81949protoss [ECV] YenFu ([aivNA] avilo)522253% 9-8328Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 84250protoss Alarak MagicPT521158% 34-251040sc2replaystats
us master 1 84351zerg Thatcher [Fate] Rider521150% 57-56727sc2replaystats
us master 1 84652zerg CoRviX521057% 53-40662sc2replaystats
us master 1 85153terran [SIoth] Tesla520861% 28-18933Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 86754zerg Queen of Blades Desired/Damaged (llllllllllll)520051% 41-39487sc2replaystats
us master 1 89055terran Thatcher CaSsini5190100% 3-084sc2replaystats
us master 1 89356protoss Probe SLO5188100% 1-00sc2replaystats
us master 1 90957zerg [AMZN] MrNovember518351% 69-65593sc2replaystats
us master 1 91958protoss Carbot Zealot [SttE] llllllllllll517870% 19-8392sc2replaystats
us master 1 92559random llllllllllll51750% 0-10sc2replaystats
us master 1 92860terran IBIMarine517357% 4-3126Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 93561protoss Protoss Lvl. 50 [cloudM] cheesyToss516846% 44-511052sc2replaystats
us master 1 95762random Zeratul Lvl. 29 maxin515355% 121-1011170sc2replaystats
us master 1 97263protoss Swarm Beta Tempest [orKsNA] zuka514951% 50-49635sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 98364random Hybrid Destroyer [Black0] Jhonny514557% 4-3114Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 100765protoss duCK513640% 2-344sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 101066terran Hydralisk Marine DefNotJeff513568% 27-13744sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 101267terran Thatcher Erdogan513512% 1-744sc2replaystats
us master 1 101568protoss Kachinsky llllllllllll513457% 76-581098sc2replaystats
us master 1 102969protoss Yaegz512853% 66-58779sc2replaystats
us master 1 103170zerg Kachinsky Beckabloblo512883% 35-7237
us master 1 103471terran Kachinsky Omynoesen51270% 0-10sc2replaystats
us master 1 104872terran Ghost Lvl. 21 ClipSitch (Session)511946% 48-56711sc2replaystats
us master 1 108773protoss 2016 Proleague HellBlazer510468% 30-14615sc2replaystats
us master 1 110674terran Kachinsky iDrone509664% 23-13481sc2replaystats
us master 1 112575protoss [PsiX] Naerok509054% 212-1841200sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 112976terran Nova Twice508950% 1-146sc2replaystats
us master 1 113377zerg Locust Lvl. 11 [DhZCom] DakkoN508759% 47-321132sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 113778terran Infested PanTerran BomberFan (TheLetter)508635% 7-13248sc2replaystats
us master 1 116679zerg Ornatus [SPACEX] Quantum507950% 7-7172sc2replaystats
us master 1 117180terran Nova Standard507670% 80-35633sc2replaystats
us master 1 119981terran Firebat Mike5068100% 1-00sc2replaystats
us master 1 121082protoss Kachinsky llllllllllll506556% 31-24726sc2replaystats
us master 1 122483protoss [I0C] ApeX (Abyss)506154% 21-18567Σsc2replaystats
us master 1 123584zerg Kachinsky Practice505758% 129-92879sc2replaystats
us master 1 128785terran [TSØP] DazH503979% 11-3252sc2replaystats
us master 1 132386zerg Hall Savage502567% 2-1117sc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 135187protoss Tassadar Armageddon501852% 28-26544sc2replaystats
us master 1 136588zerg DDolKKi50160% 0-30sc2replaystats
us master 1 137989terran [Ris3n] EterNaL501261% 23-15449sc2replaystats
us master 1 139790terran Wolf Marine Fender5009100% 1-00sc2replaystats
us master 1 143191terran Spawning Pool Party DRINKINGACCT499756% 5-4118sc2replaystats
us master 1 143692zerg Carbot Zergling Snowy499450% 3-382sc2replaystats
us master 1 146793zerg Zergling Lvl. 3 JUSTICE49830% 0-40sc2replaystats
us master 1 168994zerg Kachinsky NoEquaL491762% 84-51807sc2replaystats
us master 1 175895zerg Templar TV Barcode489956% 120-941061sc2replaystats
us master 1 186196terran Kachinsky Swiftone ([LilUzi] Kachinsky)487422% 2-740sc2replaystats
us master 1 189397zerg Reaper [DuSt] Skyler486645% 13-16354Σsc2replaystatstwitch
us master 1 234998protoss GotouDeath ([Rival] ASConviction)477751%93-88562sc2replaystatstwitch