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Server RankRacePortraitPlayerMMRWin%MatchesPointsAligulacReplaysStreamInformation
us master 1 2121terran Thatcher [mYi] aLive6587100% 1-00Σ
us master 1 2302zerg [N3rd] NoRegreT ([Bee] SameOldSongs)632274% 123-433339Σ
us master 1 2783zerg Carbot Zergling [xRS] Manipulation605157% 216-1642135
us master 1 2794zerg [PSISTM] Silky (Ghoul)605077% 71-211426Σ
us master 1 2895zerg Kachinsky aGiLe (CuLpriT)601876% 25-81022Σ High GM Zerg - Commentary + Analysis
us master 1 3096protoss [ECV] ArT594943% 3-474
us master 1 3157zerg Kachinsky DIMAGA (llllllllllll)5938100% 2-048Σ1v1 EU Ladder
us master 1 3208terran Kachinsky TOP59250% 0-10Σ
us master 1 3499terran Kachinsky [dPix] Clem5847100% 3-00Σ
us master 1 36110protoss Thatcher [mYi] ShaDoWn583275% 3-192Σ
us master 1 37111protoss Kachinsky [SunHao] Moon58150% 0-10
us master 1 37412terran Marine [TtSYF] HuT ([SKFC] Goliath)581287% 47-7827Σ
us master 1 37513random Kachinsky JunO (IIIIIIIIIIII)581167% 4-248Σ(AUS)
us master 1 37614terran Kachinsky MarineLee (IIIIIIIIIIII)581150% 1-148shared with [iG] XY and [Expert] ByuN
  Online 10/20/2017 2 PM EST
us master 1 40215zerg Zack577094% 29-2729
us master 1 41116protoss Kachinsky [SIoth] Drunkenboi (llllllllllll)576550% 30-30764Σ
us master 1 42717terran Ghost PacoGZ (PrecisiOn)574366% 23-12631
us master 1 42818protoss Hybrid Reaver TheCoon ([Micr0] TheDonald)574253% 120-1051959Σ
us master 1 43419protoss Kachinsky [PSISTM] Epic (IIIIIIIIIIII)57400% 0-10Σ
us master 1 48320zerg LauraHolly56510% 0-10
us master 1 50321terran Kachinsky Greed5630100% 11-0435
us master 1 51022protoss Adept Lvl. 45 Zinho562060% 132-881989Σ
us master 1 52423protoss Thatcher Haffey (mistborn)560976% 45-14888Σ
us master 1 52624zerg Nova Ops 2 [EtnD] Crilmon560854% 30-261003
us master 1 52725zerg Rex5608100% 3-090Σ
us master 1 53426zerg Carbot Zergling [SKT1] soO (SoulDark)560426% 6-17274Σ (borrowed from SoulDark)
us master 1 53827zerg Carbot Zergling Cobalt560147% 56-631333
us master 1 57028zerg Kachinsky Jarppi ([DuSt] Jens)557256% 19-15720Σ
us master 1 57829zerg Star Party [REPORT] Thorodan5566100% 1-00 ( by [isIMBA] TheFlash and [isIMBA] hellraiser)
us master 1 58130protoss Terran Lvl. 50 [PSISTM] Epic556325% 1-30Σ
us master 1 58231zerg Kachinsky SoulSpirit (TomikuS)556245% 14-17590Σ
us master 1 61432terran Kachinsky Irenicus554054% 111-961707
us master 1 62733protoss Jim Raynor Suit [1FPro] JackO ([Varun5] GoOdy)553454% 56-471308Σ
us master 1 63834zerg Carbot Zergling Crayon552053% 115-1041918Σ
us master 1 63935zerg Carbot Zergling Hunch551953% 16-14606
us master 1 64436terran [iGx] RiseWillis ([GUCCl] BunnyWillis)551557% 229-1761799
us master 1 64537terran Kachinsky IIIIIIIIIIII551463% 43-25865
us master 1 64738terran Kachinsky [cloudM] Gleen (IIIIIIIIIIII)551261% 102-661708Σ
us master 1 72539protoss Sonny545070% 55-241036
us master 1 74240terran Firebat [nG] Term5437100% 1-00
us master 1 75041zerg Defenders of Man Syndulla543260% 6-4214
us master 1 78042protoss Kachinsky RedKnight (MariaBlowe)541157% 108-831763
us master 1 79943zerg Kachinsky jevenddupaté (llllllllllll)540076% 42-13963
us master 1 83044terran Zerg Lvl. 50 BMNS538636% 8-14308
us master 1 83545zerg 2016 KR S2 Championship [Serend] GhostShadow538449% 21-22577Σ
us master 1 84146zerg aGaham538173% 54-20952
us master 1 86147zerg Predator [nG] JuGGeRNutZ ([nG] FuGGeRNuTZ)537162% 35-21812Σ
us master 1 87148terran BBX536364% 117-661903
us master 1 87949terran Terran Gosu Trophy Chaos5360100% 2-078
us master 1 88750terran Kachinsky BloodOcean535756% 129-1032643
us master 1 89351protoss 15Yr Templar [UATeam] Rafiki (lllllllllll)535552% 13-12525Σ
us master 1 92352protoss Kachinsky [BojwA] Honor (Potatoss)533855% 44-361019Σ
us master 1 93853terran Fenix [EtnD] Truth532865% 143-761380
us master 1 94954terran Thatcher TeCumGuzzler532268% 63-301142
us master 1 95555zerg [BearMe] NightOwl531948% 24-26543
us master 1 95656zerg Thatcher 겁나 (Misery)531867% 4-248
us master 1 95957protoss Bastion Lollybear531659% 52-36977
us master 1 96758terran Ghost Lvl. 21 [Groovy] Groovyman ([Groovy] IMechYouCry)531376% 65-201010Σ
us master 1 103059zerg Zergling Psychosis528254% 274-2331840 (12 Pool every game, every matchup)
us master 1 103460random Thatcher Trace528069% 11-5298Σ
us master 1 105961terran Kachinsky [nG] MammouthQc (GrandMaster)526859% 37-261006Σ
us master 1 106362protoss Kachinsky [isIMBA] Daniel ([PSucks] IIIIIIIIII)526763% 22-13630
us master 1 110963zerg Overlord of Terror [DANKKK] FazedBearMe5251100% 1-00
us master 1 111864protoss Kachinsky [Ris3n] Jett524854% 160-1342570
us master 1 111965protoss [lLiTl] Hupsaiya524655% 188-1512004Σ
us master 1 112466terran Thor [Rival] Haste524553% 363-3222803
us master 1 113767zerg Thatcher Nagatobimaru524280% 4-1118
us master 1 114968zerg Tracer [Att] SunnyDolphin5236100% 1-00
us master 1 115169zerg StarCraft Master Meditail523555% 67-551555
us master 1 116370protoss [EndPro] TimeLord523254% 39-33872
us master 1 119371protoss Tassadar [IvyL] NoobToss52210% 0-10
us master 1 120272terran Thatcher LeoN (lllIIIllIlIl)52170% 0-10Σ
us master 1 120873zerg Sarah Kerrigan [Ris3n] Hydralisk521558% 152-1111498 (AUS)
us master 1 121374protoss Carrier [cloudM] meeK521453% 175-1532766Σ
us master 1 124475protoss Stalker clemiischop520865% 97-521491
us master 1 126976random [GnR] Kong520268% 21-10382
us master 1 127177terran [LimaSC] Isa520154% 80-691690
us master 1 128378protoss [lLiTl] Hupsaiya (ORAORAORAORA)519853% 472-4192740Σ
us master 1 129079zerg [CaptA] CrimsonChaos519653% 471-4212754
us master 1 130680protoss Templar TV [ENV] Parodix (IIIIIIIIIIII)519159% 60-411176Σ
us master 1 133181terran Medivac Seanybops (Kanade)518382% 28-6461Σ
us master 1 133382terran Kachinsky Haspe518247% 8-9252Σ
us master 1 133583terran Kachinsky IIIIIIIIIIII518164% 47-26970
us master 1 134084protoss Cade [FUDAWG] VISA517957% 43-331052
us master 1 141585terran Thatcher llllllllllll515551% 156-1482642
us master 1 142186terran Kachinsky llllllllllll515459% 19-13360
us master 1 149287protoss Tassadar [NYU] Shew513661% 81-521443
us master 1 161988protoss Thatcher jomare510153% 632-5532664
us master 1 163489zerg [PsiX] Ravage509651% 184-1762626
us master 1 165290terran Kachinsky [lLiTl] Prosper (KingProsper)509055% 239-1952694Σ
us master 1 165691protoss Thatcher llllllllllll508955% 270-2252696
us master 1 166292zerg Zerg Lvl. 50 [PsiX] Chris508851% 29-28756
us master 1 192993terran Wrigglinium501255% 58-471089
us master 1 220394terran Viking Kent495353% 51-451017
us master 1 258895terran Thatcher Haffey (mistborn)487629% 5-1280Σ
us master 1 267196zerg ATZE (GERatzeee)486256% 32-25578Σ
us master 1 400297random Jardozer464448%58-621210