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6599 6587 6573 6571 6569 6595 6623 6621 6669 6660 6638 6633 6624 6612 6600 6636 6674 6708 6695 6682 6666 6649 6631 6613 6595 6599 6587 6573 6571 6569 6595 6623 6621 6669 6660 6638 6633 6624 6612 6600 6636 6674 6708 6695 6682 6666 6649 6631 6613 6595
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  65991461WIN [X-Team] TIME (llllllllllll)terrangrandmaster  6209324Battle on the Boardwalk LE12/11/2017 1:43 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  65871423WIN [s2Mc] Prince (IIIIIIIIIIII)protossgrandmaster  62401876Ascension to Aiur LE12/11/2017 12:48 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  65731375WIN Blackpink LE12/9/2017 2:00 PM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  65711364WIN Blackpink LE12/9/2017 1:46 PM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  65691353LOSS PaTio (IIIIIIIIIIII)protossgrandmaster  64881898Odyssey LE12/9/2017 1:34 PM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  65951354LOSS PaTio (IIIIIIIIIIII)protossgrandmaster  64631877Odyssey LE12/9/2017 1:23 PM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66231355WIN [mYi] Blyskprotossgrandmaster  54991071Odyssey LE12/9/2017 1:15 PM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66211342LOSS [iG] XY (llllllllllll)terrangrandmaster  59471621Neon Violet Square LE12/9/2017 12:59 PM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66691346WIN [KT Rolster] LosirA (llllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  61011819Odyssey LE12/9/2017 12:43 PM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66601323WIN [Samsung Galaxy] Dear (llllllllllll)protossmaster 1 6628240Blackpink LE12/9/2017 12:36 PM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66381299WIN Rex (llllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  5862490Odyssey LE12/9/2017 12:24 PM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66331257WIN [KT Rolster] LosirA (llllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  61031822Blackpink LE12/9/2017 12:08 PM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66241209WIN [N3rd] NoRegreT (llllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  62131226Abyssal Reef LE12/9/2017 11:53 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66121161WIN [N3rd] NoRegreT (llllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  62191205Ascension to Aiur LE12/9/2017 11:39 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66001113LOSS [N3rd] NoRegreT (llllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  62311205Odyssey LE12/9/2017 11:33 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66361113LOSS [N3rd] NoRegreT (llllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  61951157Catalyst LE12/9/2017 11:23 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66741113LOSS PaTio (IIIIIIIIIIII)protossgrandmaster  63371777Odyssey LE12/9/2017 11:13 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  67081113WIN lllIIIIllIIlterrangrandmaster  63861800Catalyst LE12/9/2017 11:01 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66951065WIN 오르바트 (lllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  6325290Battle on the Boardwalk LE12/9/2017 10:47 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  66821017WIN [PSISTM] GuMiho (llllllllllll)terrangrandmaster  64482048Neon Violet Square LE12/9/2017 10:35 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  6666969WIN [PSISTM] GuMiho (llllllllllll)terrangrandmaster  64642050Odyssey LE12/9/2017 10:28 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  6649921WIN [PSISTM] GuMiho (llllllllllll)terrangrandmaster  64812050Blackpink LE12/9/2017 10:21 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  6631873WIN [Expert] Scarlett (llllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  65020Catalyst LE12/9/2017 10:08 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  6613825WIN [Expert] Scarlett (llllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  65020Odyssey LE12/9/2017 10:03 AM EST
kr [JinAir] Creator (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  6595777WIN [Expert] Scarlett (llllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  64940Catalyst LE12/9/2017 9:45 AM EST