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6565 6565 6565 6539 6531 6513 6539 6549 6518 6506 6464 6434 6415 6389 6402 6394 6374 6326 6326 6311 6278 6306 6284 6306 6330 6565 6565 6565 6539 6531 6513 6539 6549 6518 6506 6464 6434 6415 6389 6402 6394 6374 6326 6326 6311 6278 6306 6284 6306 6330
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  65652260WIN Ascension to Aiur LE12/15/2017 3:06 PM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  65652260WIN [인투더] Dandyprotossmaster 1 5950262Blackpink LE12/15/2017 2:07 PM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  65652258WIN [PSISTM] GuMiho (llllllllllll)terrangrandmaster  63832194Blackpink LE12/15/2017 1:55 PM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  65392243WIN [인투더] Dandyprotossmaster 1 5948218Ascension to Aiur LE12/15/2017 1:39 PM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  65312240WIN [PSISTM] GuMiho (llllllllllll)terrangrandmaster  63982201Ascension to Aiur LE12/15/2017 1:17 PM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  65132228LOSS [PSISTM] GuMiho (llllllllllll)terrangrandmaster  64172211Ascension to Aiur LE12/15/2017 1:01 PM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  65392242LOSS Zenhiserzerggrandmaster  65631596Ascension to Aiur LE12/15/2017 12:46 PM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  65492248WIN [Freecs] KeeN (IllllIllllII)terrangrandmaster  6383746Abyssal Reef LE12/15/2017 11:41 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  65182231WIN [Star Club] BreakingGG (lllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  61621997Ascension to Aiur LE12/15/2017 11:31 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  65062225WIN [dPix] Impact (llllllllllll)terrangrandmaster  64221756Neon Violet Square LE12/15/2017 11:13 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  64642197WIN [Freecs] KeeN (IllllIllllII)terrangrandmaster  6409700Catalyst LE12/15/2017 10:34 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  64342180WIN lllIIIIllIIlterrangrandmaster  63032053Ascension to Aiur LE12/15/2017 10:21 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  64152160WIN [PSISTM] GuMiho (llllllllllll)terrangrandmaster  64992253Catalyst LE12/15/2017 9:27 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  63892126LOSS [Samsung Galaxy] Dear (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  6757384Odyssey LE12/15/2017 2:11 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  64022126WIN [GLSPA] Cell (IIIIIIIIIIII)zerggrandmaster  57981693Ascension to Aiur LE12/15/2017 1:49 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  63942122WIN [GLSPA] Nice (IIIIIIIIIIII)protossgrandmaster  6289144Neon Violet Square LE12/14/2017 4:36 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  63742108WIN [KT Rolster] LosirA (llllllllllll)zerggrandmaster  61711992Ascension to Aiur LE12/14/2017 2:52 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  63262079WIN [JinAir] Rogue (lIlIlIllIIlI)protossgrandmaster  66061732Battle on the Boardwalk LE12/14/2017 2:38 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  63262079WIN [ROOT] SuperNovaterrangrandmaster  60641770Abyssal Reef LE12/14/2017 2:32 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  63112071WIN [ROOT] SuperNovaterrangrandmaster  60791773Abyssal Reef LE12/14/2017 2:21 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  62782055LOSS [ROOT] SuperNovaterrangrandmaster  61121782Ascension to Aiur LE12/14/2017 1:52 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  63062073WIN [PHYsc] Ryungterrangrandmaster  62932045Abyssal Reef LE12/14/2017 1:39 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  62842060LOSS [PHYsc] Ryungterrangrandmaster  63162057Ascension to Aiur LE12/14/2017 1:30 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  63062072LOSS [PHYsc] Ryungterrangrandmaster  62942042Blackpink LE12/14/2017 1:20 AM EST
kr [JinAir] sOs (lllllllIlll)protossgrandmaster  63302086WIN [Samsung Galaxy] Dear (llllllllllll)protossgrandmaster  6743576Abyssal Reef LE12/14/2017 1:09 AM EST